Our projects

We are always open to new challenges.

Committed to finding & applying practical eco-friendly solutions to meet different industrial-level needs.
Driven by passion to build a better tomorrow through technology applied to eco-sustainable projects.

Working in compliance with Agenda UN 2030 to reduce the consumption of plastic and other waste material

Case study examples include:


China, Tofflon's new gen. phial line
Scope of work:
Tofflon machine was a 3 module unit that:
→ Forms the glass phials 1000 ppm and fills the same with liquid in a totally aseptic environment collated the phials and packs into the formation cell;
→ Packs the phials into a carton (including insertion of leaflet) – 300 ppm
→ Over wraps batched cartons with film ready for collation in case or shelf design
What compopack did:
→ A prototype machine in accordance with EU & USA pharma requirements;
→ A process design including a complete re-haul of the Supply Chain process fulfilling 6S Black-Belt standards;
→ As a result, the machine has been internationally recognized and certified. The design is the blueprint for all new generation machines (in this family 18 units have been supplied to their customers in China)


An innovative solution for Frito Lay's Strip-bag
Solution for Frito lay's strip bag - Compopack project
Scope of work:
→ A traditional RSC casepacker reducing the amount of power for semi-automatic solution for potato crisp packing was the specification received.
→ The space available required a complete redesign of the packing haul when moving from semi-automatic to fully automatic solution;
What compopack did:
→ We reduced “air gap” and managed filled bag collation without using traditional pick & place motorized robot systems that were too big and consumed too much power.
→ We employed Standard Stage-Gate-system methodology during the conceptual phase redesigned to process and measured energy savings Vs. traditional solutions;


One machine, Three solutions for sustainable coffee
Ecopod - Compopack project
Scope of work:
→ We designed a new packaging solution for making coffee capsules retaining form-function and being cost effective.
→ The new solution needed to be perfectly interchangeable with already existing beverage erogators
→ A minimum shelf life system was designed and later it was successfully tested at COMPOPACK lab.
What compopack did:
→ An investigation was made about advanced material compatibility (plastic, aluminium and
others) to make sure that the machine was applicable in old and new technology systems
→ We built a prototype to prove the mechanical performance and the sealing process
→ After obtaining the patent, we installed ECOPOD in well known coffee pod producers
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